Digital Ads FAQ

Common questions and answers for our fully managed digital ads services.

Digital Ads Campaign Setup

How is the “Expert’s Choice” platform decided?

The platform(s) for “Expert’s Choice” will be selected by our Digital Ads team and specialist teams based on our expert opinion and research to best achieve the goals/KPI’s laid out by you.

We'll take into account the vertical, budget, and the product or service being advertised.

Will I be able to see my campaign within my own Ads Manager?

No, all campaigns will be run through our Ads Manager. Doing so allows us to control all aspects of the campaign and ensure that you’re getting the maximum number of leads from your ad spend.

Reporting & Ongoing Management

How is reporting delivered?

We deliver regular reporting through the Belt Creative Advertising Intelligence app, which will be connected to your campaigns 1-5 business days post-campaign launch.

How are my campaigns optimized?

Automated bidding, built-in budget management, and smart optimizations allow for campaigns to be edited and optimized as they progress, making the most of your ad spend. Campaigns will be optimized according to their goals, budget, and platform needs.

What are audience segments and how many can I have?

An audience segment narrows the target audience into subgroups to deliver more tailored messaging. They can be based on geographic location, gender identity, income, and more.

Depending on your ad spend tier, we will typically create 4-6 audience segments.

The highest tier level receives a custom number of segments depending on the product/service and platform chosen.

Digital Ads Campaign Billing

What is the one-time setup fee and what is included in the charge?

The setup fee is the one-time cost of creating and launching the campaign. It includes the following:

  • Ad creative design
  • Ad proofing
  • Tracking code setup & verification
  • Audience research (keyword and competitor)
  • Campaign audit & launch

What is the management fee and why am I charged a management fee for my campaign?

The management fee is a percentage of your monthly ad spend that pays for our ongoing digital ad management services. This fee ensures that our team can optimize, analyze, and report on your campaigns each month.

How does the management fee work when I increase ad spend?

The management fee is based on a percentage of your entire ad spend. If the ad spend increases and is now in a new percentage tier, our team will automatically adjust the management fee to accommodate the change.

How am I billed for my campaigns?

When the campaign order is submitted, you will be charged for the first month of the campaign but we will hold those funds until the campaign is launched.

When we launch the campaign, we set the recurring billing date to align closely with the launch date, and the held funds will be spent on that first month. Your next billing date will be one month into the campaign, and those funds will be used for the second month of the campaign.

For Example:

  • January 1st - Campaign is ordered. You are charged a one-time setup fee and the wholesale ad spend for the first month.
  • January 8th - Recurring billing date is set.
  • January 9th - Campaign is launched.
  • February 8th - You are charged for the second month of the campaign.

What is the cancellation or refund policy?

You may request to cancel a campaign at any point during the monthly cycle.

When that request is made, the digital ads team will spend the remainder of the ads dollars for that cycle, and they will not run the campaign the following month.

You will need to give us at least 30 days notice by emailing in order to ensure you are not charged again the following month.

Digital Ads Campaign Edits/Revisions

How often can I make changes to my campaign?

Campaigns running on $500-$2999 or $3000+ budgets may get 1 or 2 rounds of free revisions, respectively.

After launching the campaign, we recommend waiting 3 months before making any edits to the promotion, goals, creatives, etc., as those changes can impact the progress of the campaign.

During this time, our specialists will be optimizing the campaign and may make minor adjustments to the ad copy, targeting, bids, etc.

For creative edits that fall outside of this realm, we will invoice you at our hourly rate to make adjustments to the campaign.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaigns

I already have a Facebook Pixel, can we use it for my campaign? 

To use your Facebook Pixel, you will have to add our Business Manager ID to the Pixel. This ID number will be provided by our team upon request.

Do you provide stock images for Facebook & Instagram?

We can absolutely provide stock images if requested and required. However, we recommend that you provide professional images of your business to ensure an authentic and engaging campaign.

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